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a lot of 50s out there to the north and west. maybe blanket out there on your bed. lots to talk about. we have the remnants of a tropical depression moving our direction so a lot of heavy rain. not today but as we get into the nighttime hours, floodwatch goes into affect and it will be a soaker. take a look at this wide stretch of moisture. we are tapping into the tropics. i have it focused down here to the south. it is cuba and the coast of florida. that is tropical depression number 16. it is getting pulled to the north and guess where it is headed. >> right here. >> right towards the washington area, that's right. let's move on to hd radar. look what is happening in florida at this moment. extremely heavy rain. let's move onto our max hd radar. and we'll show you the extremely heavy rain. you see the banding taking place there just south of miami. they are in for soaking rain. they have tropical storm warnings all over florida and
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all of that moisture is pushing to the north. we'll be talking about several inches of rain around here during the daytime hours tomorrow and the potential for a lot of flash flooding. now, let's get to temperatures. 63degrees at reagan national. no problems with our forecast today. our temperatures are going to remain relatively cool with highs in the low to mid-70s. increasing clouds and just a few showers around here later today. the main event arrives overnight tonight into the daytime hours tomorrow and again, it will be heavy rain any time after about midnight tonight through the day tomorrow. >> at least we are prepared now, right? forewarned. >> forewarned. i don't know if we're prepared. >> let's check in with julie and get a look at traffic. >> all right. 16th at irving is where we have the structure fire a lot of equipment responding to the scene. we do have a portion of 16th here at irving should down in each direction. we pulled up another camera and saw it was also blocked off at
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columbia road as well. 16th blocked off in each direction near irving. this is for the structure fire. not sure about the particulars at this point, injuries and that sort of thing. we do know that traffic-wise, the highway remains closed off in each direction at 16th street. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. breaking news from northwest washington. several people were injured in a fire at an apartment building that started about an hour ago at a building in the 3100 block of 16th street. sarah simmons has been on the scene for just a little while and join us with the details. >> reporter: good morning. it is still kite an active scene. you can see behind me lots of firefighters still here on the scene trying to put out hot spots in this high-rise building. if you take a look, can you see the residents in this apartment building have been evacuated and are still waiting out here at the scene just trying to get word about whether or not they can get back in. i can tell you right now, this
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is what we he know so far. the fire started at about 4:00 this morning. firefighters are telling me it started on the fisk floor of this apartment building. it appears as though they're telling us that it started from a trash fire inside of a stairwell on the fisk floor. it spread pretty quickly. there was a lot of smoke from what i was hearing from everybody here on the scene. lots of people trying to run for safety. i can tell you right now the late we are hearing is that they took seven people to the hospital. we understand from one person that was if critical condition, all adults from what we understand but there are a lot of families out here as well, younger children that are here as well. so they're still in the process of trying to assess the situation. these numbers that we have so far could change but it appears that effect is now out of the building. at one point being firefighters tell us that everybody -- some people had to be kept inside the building, sheltered in certain spots until they were able to beat down the flames. so they were actually safer inside the building identify
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short period of time. but from what we understand, they have been able to get effect outside of the building. again, seven people taken to the hospital. one person in critical condition. we'll continue to follow this and get more information and bring you the latest detail s as we get them. back to you. >> thank you. our other big story, gunshots fired in the district just moments after a funeral wraps up. one man was killed, two others injured and more shocked a continuing violence. this happened in the middle of the popular u street corridor forcing the area to shut down for several hours. >> # 1-year-old jamal coats was killed and two others injured that happened in the drive-by that happened just as the funeral for ashley mccray was wrapping up. a few hours later, three people were taken with a -- taken away from a hem on gerard street and questioned by police. >> we was walking down to try
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to get in our car and realized our car had been shot up. the people say the guy was standing near our car. >> he sped back out, hit this mercedes and hit the truck here and then flipped. >> a large sex of heavily populated u street was shut down for nearly seven hours while police investigated. the johns hopkins doctor shot last week by a patient's son is back home. dr.david cohen was back home monday night. dr.cohen had to undergo surgery and spent 10 days in the hospital whether a 50-year-old man shot him and then his mother and himself. somebody hit # #-year-old danielle eliz birth mateo sat
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night. -- hit 23-year-old danielle elizabeth mateo saturday night. there will most likely be damage to the windshield. >> a little poodle ?awser mix was found emaciated in a dumpster on 22nd street southeast. people would live in the building are outraged that the dog t there trapped inside a cage. a worker was with the maintenance man who heard the dog crying. >> we were cleaning around the dumpster and heard something crying. the gentleman climbed over and pulled it out and put it on the side and i went in and called animal control. >> what? how can somebody do that to a dog? >> maybe somebody just couldn't pay the represent for the dog because they charge you rent for animals around here. >> the humane society is offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. we're following a developing story this morning on the health of former president jimmy carter. he is still in a cleveland
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hospital this morning after he became ill on board a plane. mr.carter had an upset stomach and doctors recommended that he stay overnight. the 85-year-old is on a tour promoting his new book. new details this morning involving the pastor accused of sexual abuse against four young men. one of those accusers is speaking out an he has strong words for bishop eddie long. a massive landslide in mexico, homes buried, people missing. we'll check more headlines when fox 5 morning news comes back. ♪
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american missile strikes in pakistan disrupt toror threats in europe. they killed four militants including an al-qaeda leader. apparently, it prevented a tearer attack that had been in effect in europe. there was another threat at the eiffel tower. at least 11 people are missing in two landslides in southern mexico. that was the result of days of heavy rain which caused a hillside to collapse on hundreds of unsuspecting
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residents. at first, officials thought that hundreds of people were buried or dead but that number decreased significantly throughout the investigation. one of the four men suing pastor eddie long is speaking out now. jamal paris says he abused his spiritual authority and gave him and others cars, clothes, crash and trips to lure them into sexual relations while they were teen members of new birth missionary baptist church in atlanta. harris told the fox affiliate he considers long a predator would posed as a father figure in he can change for sexual favors. long has said he will fight the allegations against him. lindsay lohan is back in rehab. several sewers reporting she checked into an inpatient facility monday night or early tuesday. it is believed lohan will stay there at least until the next court hearing october 22nd when a judge is set to sentence low land for violating her probation for falling two court- ordered drug tests. awe new study concerning
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the gender gap. working moms making less than working dads. tight security measures here in the u.s. bhu what about air -- but what about security in other countries. we'll hear why homeland security wants some changes. >> i'll have the details on the forecast and julie wright will have a look at your on-time traffic coming up right after the break. 
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welcome back. a live look at the wilson bridge this morning looking pretty good. a little nippy out today and it looks like this is kind of a day of transition for us. >> a little cooler than what we had yesterday. >> a lot cooler. temperature in the 50s and low 60s. nice start to the day. very comfortable out there. today, a little less humidity than we had around here the last couple of days. highs only in the 70s. that is the bright spot in the forecast over the next 48
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hours. we've get a lot of rain coming. not today but overnight tonight into the day time hours tomorrow. a good soaking rain and i mean several inches of rain potentially. temperatures right now, just fine. we're doing great. you will step outdoors sand a it feels nice outside. lots of 50s. 59 for you. 52349 fredericksburg. culpeper, 55 degrees. in one chester, we are 51. 54 in gaithersburg. even close to the bay, nice cooldown here overnight. 61 in annapolis. 61 in leonardtown. let's get to the map and first things first. notice the cloud cover. kind of high, thin clouds moving in. the theme around here today will be to increase the cloud cover very quickly. might be a little morning sunshine but the clouds will quickly win out and be a mostly cloudy afternoon. the shower activity at this hour still well to our south, south of richmond. that will move in late this afternoon. so by the evening commute, it is possible we'll have a few
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showers around, bring along an umbrella just in case. main event holds off until later tonight until the daytime hours tomorrow. frontal system hanging up here. we get into an area of low pressure here. it will tap into this, a lot of gulf moisture. a deluge in miami. tropical depression number 16 right there just crossing across cuba into the florida straits. likely to become tropical storm matthew over the next couple of hours. this will get tapped into and pulled today north. bottom line is we are going to have a lot of rain around here as we get into the overnight hours into tomorrow. because of that, we have a flash flood watch. not today. this goes into effect later tonight through the daytime hours tomorrow. how much rain are we talking about? the potential for easy two inches of rain. parts of the area could see three, four, even five inches of rain. that is why we have the floodwatch. tomorrow, much different than today. today will be the quiet before the storm. increasing clouds. chance for a little late-day
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rain. flash flood watch goes into effect later tonight. rain likely heavy at times. i think tomorrow morning's commute will be a slow one with a lot of rain around. 56 your overnight low. the five-day forecast, here is the bright spot. the system will get out of here by early friday. return to sunshine by friday afternoon. 74-degree. the weekend right now, we'll get a chance to dry out. we'll be cool with highs only about 70 on saturday and mid- 60s by sunday. that is a look at the forecast. let's do on-time traffic with julie wright. >> all right. sarah simmons reporting live from the apartment fire taking place along 16th street in northwest washington. we do have a portion of the highway that remains closed off right now. we do have a portion of 16th blocked off from irving and columbia, at lost a part of it is. some neighborhood traffic able to get through at this point. there is an ongoing investigation. there is a lot of activity at the scene and again, sarah simmons is reporting live to bring you more details on that. until further notice, you want to plan on using georgia avenue
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as the alternative route coming out of downtown silver spring and headed into northwest. all lane are open south on 270 leaving 109 headed into germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. a faster trip is just one of the many promises amtrak is making to passengers. amtrak unveiled a plan that is so far-reaping it is even expected to make air travel less congested. the 0-year vision calls if a new zest track from boston to d.c. -- the 30-year vision. the trains would rocket at # 20 miles per hour. new york to washington in 96 minutes instead of two hours and 42 minutes. -- the trains would rocket at 220 miles per hour. project is expected to cost $117 billion it is not funded yet. >> and imagine what those rail fares will be. our nation's airport always on the lookout for terror
5:20 am
threats and now there is a renewed effort to improve airport security on a global scale. janet napolitano says terrorists have figured out current security measures so it is time to take it up a notch. before a report. >> reporter: airport security. it has become a way of life for travelers in the u.s. take off your shoes, limbits on liquids. we all know the drill. but it seems security procedures can vary depending on which country you're in. >> everywhere else is used to a different level of security and every country has its own sort of measures of what it dutchess. >> reporter: we polled international travelers at dulles and many said they had different experiences. >> i was patted down going through the first check and then we had to go through a second check. but we never took our shoes off. >> the u.s. tends to be a little more strict but that is understandable given what has
5:21 am
happened. >> reporter: now, homeland security chief janet napolitano is trying to get 190 nations to come together on security and agree to better information sharing. concern is the security weakness in one country threatens the others. case in point, the incident last christmas involving the man accuse of smuggling explosives approximate his airport security in amsterdam. or the case of shoe bomber research richard reid who got plastic explosives through security in paris. napolitano is urging other countries to use fuel bodies scanners to catch future terrorist attacks before they happened. travelers we talked to don't seem to mind. >> i don't think it is necessarily inconvenient. sort of a standard part of flying. >> i think the stricter it is, the safer i would feel. so waiting if line is not a problem. i would rather be safe. >> reporter: laura evans, fox 5 news. a pay gap at the workplace just for being a woman. coming up next here on fox 5, working moms making less than working dads even in managerial
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positions. >> unfair but some say the women may be to blame. we'll explain coming up. th.ou3q
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5:24 am there is a live look outside to get you going on this midweek. a little nippy out there. if you are looking for a job, toys r us is looking for a lot of employees. the retailer plans to hire about 45,000 workers to get
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through the holiday season t includes managers, sales associates and stock room employees. >> getting to be that time. working mothers apparently fall behind the rest of the work force when it comes to pay. at least that is the conclusion of the latest gender gap study. >> a new report shows that even mothers who become manager make about 0% less than fathers and that spawned a new phrase on capitol hill. fox 5's money reporter melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: there is a new word in washington to describe women's pay. representative carolyn maloney calls it the mom bomb. >> in other words, is the mom bomb a one-time explosion? >> reporter: the mom bomb is the hit on pay for full-time working mothers. for those with more than one child, it is a cluster bomb. >> reporter: a new report by the government accountability office looked at pay of managers across industries. it found, for every dollar earned by a male manager with
5:26 am
children, a female manager with children earns just 79 cents. some of that, testified researcher eileen lang begins right out of school. women start at a lower come opinion decision than men so there is a pay gab just for being a girl. >> reporter: women as a whole are less likely to ask for more pay. career choice could be another factor. >> so one thing you could tell your daughters is that the field they choose is very important. it is not a mom bomb. ate preference for a more flexible schedule and women want these schedules an they come with lower levels of pay. >> reporter: moms like heather quinn who hose to step oust work force say that doesn't make it fair. >> even if they're working, they may make a decision that they would rather spend more time at home than more time at the office at the end of the day and in the end, don't get paid as much. >> reporter: for single women without children, the gap is
5:27 am
smaller. 96 cents for every dollar a childle single man earns. >> until women stop wanting to be home with their kids, until mothers stop wanting to spend time with their children, we will always have that pay difference. >> reporter: a question of whether laws are needed to change it. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> that hearing on the hill was intended as fuel for the senate to pass a paycheck fairness bill which the house passed in 2009. many people were jumping for their lives from an eight- story apartment building. i'll have the details. coming up when fox 5 morning news returns.
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we take a look at the capitol there in the background. temperatures in the 60s. other than cooler out in the suburbs. >> yeah, 54. >> 54 at home this morning may i report. >> excellent. is that official? >> i don't know. it is what my car said. >> 54 at gurvir'sous if you are lucky enough to be waking up out there. for the rest of us, low 60s here in washington. our highs in the low 70s. no rain expected today. the deluge arrives tonight. let's get to the maps and we'll
5:31 am
give you the latest and satellite-radar indicating that we have some cloud cover moving in from the south. there you can see it. was going on here is we're tapping into a lot of gulf moisture and we have a tropical depression. i'll show it to you in a few minutes. it is down across southern florida. clouds increase today. madeleine albright a few -- maybe a few showers around for your evening commute. we have a flash flood watch. the potential is out there that, when all is said and down, we could see two, three, some spots, four-plus inches of rain. parts of the area have already picked up a couple of inches of rain. we could see flash flooding around here, not today but as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow, we have to keep an eye on the track of this storm system as it pushes to the north. current temperatures, great start to the day. 50s off to the north and west.
5:32 am
53 out at dulles. 55 in baltimore. our highs, low to mid-70s with increasing clouds and the possible of a few late-day rain showers p most of the day should be dry with winds out of the north at five miles per hour. we'll look at the possible track of tropical depression 16. big news headed downtown by way of 16th street. it is now shut down in each intersection between monroe and harvard. sarah simmons reporting live from the scene of the apartment fire that took place earlier. we do have a camera angle that shows that part of the roadway remains closed off at this time. if you are traveling southbound along 16th street headed into d.c., you want to make that left turn over onto upsher. coming northbound out of tease, you want to make the right turn onto u street. those are better alternates for you than sticking with 16th
5:33 am
this morning. georgia avenue will be an alternate route. but 1th, 14th, george avenue, north cap headed over to 14th, all going to be your bailout routes. if you are traveling south along 270, the lanes are open. no problems reported out of hyattstown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are following breaking news as julie was mentioning. the fire at an apartment high- rise in northwest d.c. with reports of people trapped inside the building in the # 100 block of 16th street -- in the 3100 block of 16th street. snobs brings us the latest. >> reporter: firefighters are saying the fire is now out. everybody has gotten out safely. this fire sent eight people to the hospital. five were taken to the burn center. and the late update as well is that there is one child that was taken to children's hospital. so a very severe fire they are
5:34 am
feeling with this morning. they are in the investigative phase at this point. this started just before 4:00 this morning. firefighters were called to the area here of 16th and lamont streets. this is an eight-story building t started on the fifth floor is what we are told. it appears to have been possibly a trash fire. we don't know whether it was set intentionally or not at this point. when firefighters arrived, they saw heavy smoke and flames and had a dangerous situation on their hands. tax a listen. >> we encountered up into russ occupants trying to self- evacuate but they had people hanging from the windows. several ladder rescues were made. we also did what is sheltering in place in the upper floors once we deemed it safe. the fire appears to have started in the fifth floor common area. >> reporter: now, again, the latest here, eight people that
5:35 am
have been taken to the hospital. forty people from what we understand they were evaluating, just taking a look at. so a lot of injuries here. as the chief mentioned, when they arrived, they had people hanging from the windows. i spoke with a gentleman just a little while ago who said he saw the smoke coming from around the building and saw a man jump from the apartment building, ran up to try to help him. he was taken to the hospital. so a lot of stories here this morning from folk who are just trying to get out, save their lives if at all possible. it appears that the fire is out. they have it under control and they are in the process of investigating to try to figure out exactly what started this fire. we are live here in northwest. back to you. our top stories, the search is on for more suspects following a drive-by shooting which followed a funeral in the district and left one man dead and two others injured. >> the gunfire erupted in the middle of popular u street shutting down that area for hours. >> it may have been an act of
5:36 am
gang retaliation. roby chavez has details. >> reporter: mourners scatter as four to 12 gunshots rang out in broad daylight in the busy u street corridor. friends of ashley mccray gathered for her funeral. some were known feuding gang members. witnesses describe a drive-by shooting after the two sides clashed. >> when he walked down being we was walking down to try to get in our car and realized that our car had been shot up. >> reporter: when the gunfire stopped, cars were left crashed and three people injured. 21-year-old jamal coats was killed. he was in the suv which flipped. mourners couldn't believe it. >> it was after church but heard the gunshots. >> what do you make of what happened today? >> senseless an something needs to be done about the violent here in the city. >> reporter: three people were taken away in handcuffs and questioned by investigators. they also towed away this car. now, detectives will try to determine if they know more
5:37 am
about the shooting. >> this resulted from a taunting. this was a taunting at a funeral. and we have this kind of serious consequence as awe result. a large section of heavily populated u street was shut down for nearly seven hours while police investigated. no traffic meant almost no business for the normally booming ben's chili bowl. a new poll puts o'malley way ahead in the race for maryland's governor, martin o'malley rather. a new poll gives the democratic incumbent a lead of 10 points over former republican governor robert ehrlich with five week until the election n may, they were running neck and neck. aig was part of the massive government bail out.
5:38 am
a new effort to pay that back. the dow finished up 46 points. the dax up almost 10. -- the nasdaq up almost 10. tt
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jimmy carter is recovering in a cleveland hospital after he became ill on a plane. exclusive fox video caught the former president shaking hands with passengers. a passenger shot that video use august cell phone on board the delta plane which was headed to cleveland. mr.carter turned out to have an
5:41 am
upset stomach. he left atlanta yesterday on a tour promoting his new book. his appearance at politic and propose in the district is still on. one of the four men who have filed a lawsuit against atlanta pastor eddie long is now speaking out. jamal paris who is now 23 says bishop long who you see here abused his spiritual authority and gave him and others cars, clothes, cash and trips to lure them into sexual relationships, all while they were teen members of the church in atlanta. paris told the fox asillate in atlanta that he considers pastor long to be a predator would posed as a father figure in exchange for sexual favors. long has said he will fight the allegations against him. taxpayer could be getting their money back from aig. the group is nearing a plan to pay back some of the $130 million used to bail it out. the plan is expected to be announced sometime in the next knew days. iphone users, beware because criminals may be targeting you. a string of iphone robberies in the district leads to a warning
5:42 am
for police and details of how the crook are pulling off the robberies and what police recommend you do not do if you want to keep your iphone from being stolen. we'll take a look at your morning commute. tucker says this may be the best day of the week so far, coming up. ♪ ♪ i like your messy hair
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welcome back. a beautiful shot outside of the washington monument. very pleasant wrut side this morning. temperatures nice and cool. i guess we better enjoy this day because we have lots of changes coming. >> we have a lot of rain on the way. >> we'll talk about that in just a second. how about gold to go. pretty soon that could be the case. a german company plans to introduce gold vending machines in the united states. those machines would be similar to the ones that are already popping up in parts of europe. >> a one gram bar of gold will set you back about $46 although you could buy bigger chungs like five or ten grams arrest even one-ounce bars. the first machines will be installed in florida and in las vegas. >> vegas, i could see. >> buy your happy meal with a gold bar. >> you never know. >> that ways pretty shot we showed of the washington
5:46 am
monument. this is going to be a good day today. >> warm calm before the storm. we'll be dry and then the main event gets here tonight into tomorrow. we've been talking about what will be taking place here. it looks like a lot of rain is the bottom line. by a lot, i mean several inches potentially of rain so we could see some flooding as we get into the day tomorrow. no problems out there at this hour. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. 63degrees currently at reagan national. it feels great after the last couple of mornings. 5 # for you in frederick. culpeper, now 54 degrees. # 0 in fredericksburg. closer to the shore, leonardtown at 59. in annapolis being we are 61 degrees. so again, high temperatures today, low to mid-70s. include five to eight degrees cool he than yesterday with more and more cloud cover
5:47 am
moving in. -- 58 for you in frederick. 60 in fredericksburg. things are pushing in from the south and that is going to be the trouble ectery of the -- trajectory of the storm system that is developing. we'll watch this tap into the politic moisture and look what is going on further to our south. this is the main event. this is tropical depression number 16 now emerging across the florida straits and bringing extremely heavy rain to the florida keys and into miami. let's go to hd radar. look at the heavy banding taking place and rain being pushed onshore. we have tropical storm warnings for southern florida. they've picked up an inch and a half of rain in miami. they are expecting several more inches. guess what. all of that moisture is headed in our direction. that is why we're concerned about the potential flooding around here and we've got a flash flood watch that goes into effect later tonight. the real event for us arrives in the form of rain overnight
5:48 am
tonight into the daytime hours tomorrow. as mentioned, we could pick i'm couple of inches of rain before all is said and done. 73 your afternoon high f you want to make plans for the rain, you want to do some shopping, no problem. good soaking rain tonight. heavy rain tomorrow. could be some embedded thunderstorms as all of that passes through to the north. friday, saturday and sunday, we start to clear out. cool this weekend, sunny and bright with highs -- wow, it will feel like october. upper 60s to about 70 for saturday and sunday. let's get to julie wright with the latest on your traffic. >> the big story is the scene downtown along 16th street as a result of an apartment fire that sarah simmons has been reporting on. we do have a portion of that 16th street that is blocked off
5:49 am
between park and machine row at this point with a lot of equipment still on the scene. the fire has been extinguished but there is an ongoing investigation that continues to block the highway. coming from the north to the south, i know a lot of you use 16th street as your way into northwest washington. not the case today. everyone will be forced to use alternate routes until further notice. coming northbound out of d.c., you make a right turn onto u street. out of silver spring, no problems to report on the beltway leaving colesville road around towards bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. police this morning have a warning for iphone users in the district. in recent week, there have been at least a dozen robberies of iphone users. beth parker explains what is going on. can you read about this new police warning right here on your if on but investigators don't recommend doing that in public. you see they've seen a string of robberies of iphone owners. one of them happened right here
5:50 am
on 19th street just off dupont circle. >> we've this a string of robberies where people's iphones are being taken. >> that is crazy. are you serious? that scares me. >> reporter: even so, you don't have to look very hard to find people doing what police say they probably shouldn't. a lot of people feel comfortable walking around talking on a cell phone. >> sure, middle of the day, yeah. absolutely. >> like i want to put my phone away rate now but i'm he in georgetown, its adaylight. >> reporter: several of these robberies high pressured in georgetown being mostly at night. others in dupont circle and shaw. some some cases, the criminal crust grabs the phone. in others, the person strikes up the conversation. do you mind if a make a phone call and they take off running. >> it is an easy target. it is pretty identifiable from
5:51 am
a distance. >> reporter: the advice from police? >> don't get lost in a conversation. don't walk around displaying this really expensive device. >> you're not going to give up your iphone? >> no, this is my baby. no. >> reporter: investigators say they've even had people's iphones swiped right off a table in a restaurant while they're eating din are so it can happen in an instant. in northwest tease, beth parker, fox 5 news -- while they're eating dinner so it can be happen in an instant. in northwest d.c., beth parker, fox 5 news. it is just pre-season but it is never too early to drop the gloves. we've got caps highlights coming up. 
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would says the preseason doesn't moon a thing. caps and bruins went toe to toe last night and fist to fist in this case where dy king shows he is in mid-season form pummeling shawn thornton. game tied at one here and caps go on to beat boston 3-6789. skin new quarterback with
5:55 am
plenty of incentive this week. the skins will play this week. don haven't mcnabb still working on getting the skins' offense in gear. he threw for more -- man 400 yards against the texans and the team lost. >> i said this is a normal game. in this situation, it is a must- win coming off of two losses like we've had these last two weeks. no matter who we're playing, we have to come out and be able to execute and come out with a win by any means necessary. more than 100 hotel residents kicked to the curb last night, all because the owner of a hotel couldn't pay the water bill. not all of them went quietly. we have the details from mississippi.
5:56 am
>> reporter: led away in handcuffs. >> they taser him, threw him to the ground. >> reporter: this was owl every a -- all over a fight fueled by outrage. >> some people got upset with the people at the counter and the police had to step in and subdue the hospital. >> reporter: the southfield plaza hotel an conference center showing them the door. hotel owners so behind on their water bill an attacks, the city of southfield had to shut them down. we are talking more than a million and a half in debt. >> there is no gas no, lights. there is no water. you can't live like that. >> reporter: untouched birthday cake. an ironing board and a bicycle, all things people strong together on their way out. many thought the hotel owner resolved their issues with the city before this sudden news. now, they are finding themselves wondering where their children will go to school and where they'll sleep at night. >> they should be ashamed. at least if they were going to close it down, they could have let everybody know.
5:57 am
my cousin has seven kids and she is homeless and she is going to jail. >> what does it say when this kind were a dispute turns violent? >> people are angry and rightfully so. >> reporter: the hotel owners say they hope to reopen sometime next week once all the money issues are cleared up. people will have the chance to come back later to get more of their stuff. the city is helping those without family or friends nearby find a place to stay. straight ahead at 6:00, all our top stories including an early morning fire at a d.c. high-rise. we'll get a live update from sarah simmons. >> we'll take a look at your morning commute and check out the weather. fox 5 morning news comes right back. th.ou
5:58 am
5:59 am
four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.

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